To be leading entertainment hub that champions the best creators & contents across borders by creating opportunities for the collaborative effort


We work & collaborates with wide verticals of talented online influencers to create impactful & meaningful contents, distributes across multiple platforms. Building communities by sharing passion & knowledge, value & emotion.

SOCIAL 1st generation Marketing



We are ready to provide you with great services with no online-offline boundaries and professional consultation as a partner to deliver effective result for business growth.


we build impactful creators journey that will change their future. Also, we highlight strengths with heartful pieces of advice from talent coach as to expand their opportunity across Asia and to ensure they get the right message and right way of working to impress brand and get the best deal to maximize earnings.


We start by producing film and music with an understanding of visual and sound. we continue improving ourselves as creators and producers to help to produce and to create effective content for our partners, brands and media companies


We place heavy emphasis on analytics and insights. This means that we provide strategy and plan based on analysis of the insight and analyze the performance of the content by suggesting tips for improvement leading to higher performance over time.


we believe in the power of creating a source of inspiration, information, and entertainment content. We also help both brands and creators find a good match with confidence to fully maximize and drive great impact for our digital native generation and aim to grow with them in the future.

We believe in continually pushing the frontiers of digital media entertainment to amplify the reach of Asian creatives and create a lasting global impact.


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LUVE The Nextventure Workshop

Awakening the future the new journey with LUVE Video Platform as a new TV.

This workshop, being held on 3 April 2018, started with tips and techniques of how to create impactful creative content from the beginning and also provide an opportunity for the content creators to shine and stand out on the online world.

Ending the workshop with inspiration from  “Khun Phuchong – Parbdee Tawesuk”, an expert content creation in Film and TV industry and “Khun Vichai – Salmon House”, an expert of viral clip creation.

LUVE is a new culture for the next generation that understand the value of great storytelling in form of video entertainment produced by the best local influencers. All of the contents in LUVE are tailor made for young audiences.

Recommended shows in LUVE are Fedfe Lottery (Game Show), Dreamtective (Original Series), Bang Bang Food (Food variety) and Buffet Back to school (Comedy).

Viral Fest Asia

The inaugural Viral Fest Asia is an annual festival celebrating the very best in music and video content revolution in Asia. The continent’s hottest artistes, musicians, digital talents and social media influencers converged in Bali, Indonesia (2016) and Bangkok (2017) for an explosive night of All-Star concert, EDM music and visual extravaganza!

Started since 2016 that everybody’s going viral in 2 days event with more than 30 artists on the stage and a number of experts of digital media business from all over Asia.

The famous artists who have ever participated this event are Rain (Korea), Exile the Second (Japan), Slot Machine (Thailand), Hugo (Thailand), Burin Boonvisut (Thailand), Namewee (Malaysia), Keng Tachaya (Thailand), Hao Ren (Malaysia), AKB48 (Japan) and much more!

WebTVAsia Awards

The Awards is an annual showpiece to recognise the achievements of the top Asian creators of digital channels and videos for the past year. It is a special, by invitation only, formal black tie affair which will be attended by the best and most popular creative talent, VVIPs, celebrities, and captains of the media industry from 12 Asian nations gathering for an epic night of celebration.

The first edition of this honour started since 2015 in Malaysia which more than 30 prestigious awards were presented by respected industry leaders and icons to winners from 12 Asian countries.

Main categories of the nominated prize are Most Popular Video of the year and Most Popular Channel of the year plus a number of special awards.

The previous winner of the awards such as

– BIE THE SKA (most popular channel from Thailand 2015,2016)

– NAMEWEE (most popular video from Malaysia 2015 and most popular channel from Malaysia 2016)

– FEDFE (most popular video from Thailand 2015)

– ABS-CBN ENTERTAINMENT (most popular channel from Philippines 2016)

– METUB (most popular video from Vietnam 2016)

– PIKO TARO – Pen Apple Apple Pen (freaking awesome video of the year 2016)

– LABANOON – My weak point [แพ้ทาง] (Thai online song of the year 2016)

Exclusive entertainment content for digital native generation!

LUVE is a nifty new video destination featuring Asia’s best content, made by the region’s most popular creators and studios

There will be lots of options to consider, but we think we offer something different


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